Vericuetos 337 (22-10-19)

Date 23/10/2019

Mark Morgan – Sightings – Gaute Granli – Urd J. Pedersen – Chlorine – Mordan Jaikel – Het – Furious Pig – Karuna Khyal – Jan Jelinek

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  1. Karsten Koehler Ha dicho:

    Dear Radio Kras Team,

    I found out about your program Vericuetos on facebook's experimental community, and found its mix very enriching and enjoyable. In case you are interested in our works, I would like to share an experimental piece with you. Harlequin Launchpad (03:14') is a minimalist/electronic piece inspired by the music and techniques of Terry Riley and Johann Sebastian Bach.

    You can download it for free on bandcamp (like all other pieces):

    Many thanks and all the best,

    Karsten Koehler

    Second Harmonic Generation, Cambridge, UK


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