bakanal musical 8-5-2004

Date 09/05/2024

Vamos a viajar ente los 70 y 80 con Rocking´Horse, The Elevators, The Vapors, The Cowboys, The Amber Squad, The Shivvers, Los Ilegales, Grateful dead, George Harrison, Nikki and the Corvettes, The Shivvers, The Flys, The Outcasts, The Pretenders

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bakanal musical 24-4-2024

Date 25/04/2024

Viajamos por varias décadas con The Leaves , The Groupies, Mouse and The Tramps, Los Iberos. Brigit Bardo, The Beatles, The Faces, Left Side, Walkers, The Human League, Gordon Lightfoot, The Jam

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Bakanal Musial 20-3-2024

Date 21/03/2024

Bakanal setentero con de too…....Joe Coker, James Taylor, Little Boy Story, Indiana, J.J.Cale, SiliconTeens, The Adverts, The Radiators from Space, The Nack, Leo Syer, The Jook, TXC, NEO y terminamos con Tequila

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bakanal musical 13-3-2024

Date 19/03/2024

Bakanal de finales de los 70 y principios de los 80, será un bakanal muy
británico con Cock Sparrer, Skewdriver, Stiff Little Singer, Ray Davies, tudor-Pole, Puple Hearts, The Clash, The Contoneltals, The Crooks, THE hEADBOYS, Berlin, New Adventures, lOS eLEGANTES

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Date 07/03/2024

Viajamos a los 60 con Lavern Baker, Eurogrup, Los Brincos, Los Monjes, The Remains, The Kinks, The Rascals, Marvin L Sims, Dyke and The Blazers, Soul Clam, The Soul Sisters, Same and Dave, Fontella Bass y terminamos con Los Arlequines

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